Sunlight burns (part 1)

The light will end

when suns decay

and winds will stop

as physics fail


where will your gods be

when all is gone?

When we are nothing

but dust in space?


Step out of this shadow,

run from your lies!

Rebuild what have destroyed

and refill your mind.


Light has a shadow,

a dark side disguised.

Through darkness we learn,

through light we will die...


'cause sunlight burns!

And fortune turnes.

The smart man learns

to crawl back to the worms...


Your head high on top,

but your face faces the ground.

You dare not to look up,

to beliefs you are bound.


scared of the consequences

you won't give it a try.

It's easy to live,

if you're  living in a lie.

If you climb up the mountain,

the top in your eyes,

the moment you'll reach it,

you will realize...

that sunlight burns

all grass and all ferns.

The dumb man learns

when sunlight burns...

Sunlight burns!

And fortune turns.

the smart man learns,

that sunlight burns...

My mind's frozen,

my limbs are dead,

my feelings are long gone,

my blood was shed...

My search for wisdom

has come to an end,

to gods now 

i must bend.

I live in daylight,

i sleep at night,

i listen to others,

who know what's right.

My thoughts long forgotten,

so is my life.

The freedom of thinking

can never thrive.

I'm paralzed...

The light might shine,

when suns are born.

And winds may blow 

at dawn.

In light there are shadows,

in heat is the cold.

And sunlight burns

our wisdom old...