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Jonas Marti


Jonas Marti (*1992) is studying composition with Caspar Johannes Walter in Basel since 2014. He begun his career as a 9 year old on the drum-set. After some projects with student-bands and the band «O-what's-it.», that he formed with his sister Hanna Marti, his interest in melodies and counterpoints grew and he started to play the bass guitar. After some more or less successful tries to write down his basslines with his own methods, he learned the conventional music-notation, what lead to his occupation with composed music. It then became his goal to become a composer, Through his work in classical as well as in rock music, he started to explore the borders of these musical stiles. You can find elements of contemporary classical music in his rock pieces, as well as elements known from progressive and avant-garde rock in his classical works. He himself describes his whole musical work as "prog".


„I think "prog" is a promise to the music, to keep it new and interesting. The expression doesn't give any information on the sound itself." - Jonas Marti


Instrument: Human Base, Jonas, Fretless, 5-String.

Loaf of Stone Jonas Marti