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Loaf of Stone


Loaf of Stone is a progressive rock Band of Basel. The core of the group consists of the drummer and songwriter Ramo Ayaou and the bassist, singer and composer Jonas Marti. The other members change from project to project, depending on what is needed to complete the group. Unconventional and experimental music is typical for the Ensemble.


The group was fundet in fall 2012. The first official concert followd in the early summer of 2013 (under the name “Idiosyncratic”). Shortly after that concert the singer Khadija Fuentes left the band. She was replaced by Larissa Rapold. Almost at the same time the nyckelharpist Malin Lardon took a break from the ensemble to spend a year in sweden. The group took these changes in the line-up as an opportunity to change the name and so they came up with “Loaf of Stone”. In the summer of 2015 they split up with Larissa and welcomed Smadar Goldberger as their new leadsinger. In May 2016 the two funding members Maurus Wirz (Guitar) and Malin Lardon (Nyckelharpa) left the group. Replacement was found quickly with Aron Back (Guitar) and Zora Janskà (Violin). After Smadar stopped her musical activities due to a lack of time, Jonas Marti took over the role as leadsinger in summer 2017.


The constant changes of the members, that are part of the bands concept by now, lead to the constantly changing sound of Loaf of Stone. The current concert setup apart from Ramo and Jonas consists of Aron Back and Zora Janskà.


A List of our past gigs can be found here.