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Current Projects



When our crowdfunding-campaign in the summer 2017 failed, we were forced to change most of our planned project «Utopia/Dystopia». We find that after 5 years of existence it's about time we release an album. Due to financial difficulties, our debut album will be home-recorded. Another difference from original project is, that we will only release one album called «Dystopian».

Our band is always changing its sound and music, so we wouldn't want to stay with the original tracks and ignore our newer pieces, so we changed the tracklist as follows:


1. Paradise

2. Illumination

3. Sunlight burns (part 1)

4. Sunlight burns (part 2)

5. Sunlight burns (part 3)

6. Sunlight burns (epilogue)


The recording is planned to be made in summer/fall 2018.

If you want to support us, you can reach us over the contact button on this website.